Virtual Autism Academy

Collaborative Approach to Student Success
It is said that the quality of an organization is exposed during a crisis. We are proud of our ability to adapt and continuously improve, ensuring our relevance and solving for the shifting needs that our students and families face.

With the above said, we have added a virtual solution that is focused on junior high and high school students. The virtual environment that we have created gleans insights from the same methodologies and best practices that we are sought out for by Districts and families. Whether you have found that your child thrives in the virtual environment, or you would like to continue him/her in an environment that addresses current health expert recommendations, we are here for you.

What Makes us Different

In challenging times, our adaptability shines, as evidenced by our new virtual solution tailored for junior high and high school students, grounded in methodologies trusted by Districts and families. Whether drawn to online learning or seeking a health-conscious environment, we're here to support every unique learning journey.
Structured Environment
Use of the SAMR Teaching and Learning Model
Unique-Individualized Solutions
High-Impact Learning
Differentiated Learning and Collaboration Tools

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