Meet Your Teachers & Therapists

The Children’s Center is very proud of the Teachers and Therapists that help educate and develop our students. Our staff has many years’ experience working with special needs children with a combined work experience of over 125 years. Our teachers are all highly qualified. The majority of our teachers have their Master’s degree and a number have more than one Master’s degree. 
Our Teachers have a good track record for success. In 2017 we had a student recognized as one of the most improved students in Arizona, receiving the “I Can Do It” award from the Arizona Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). This past year (2018–2019) we had a second student receive the “I Can Do It” award for most improved student. One of our teachers received the “Outstanding Special Education Teacher Award” from the National Council for Exceptional Children and then the next year was nominated and won the Teacher of the Year Award from the National Council for Learning Disabled. The Children’s Center was recognized during the 2018-2019 school year by the National Association of Special Education Teachers with the professional designation of “School of Excellence.” During National School Choice Week, the school was recognized with the “School Choice Leadership Award 2019.”

We are proud of the progress that our students made on their IEP’s under our professional staff. We have seen behaviors drop and excellent progress made toward their IEP goals. We are very proud of our team of educators and therapists.

Help us to help more kids with special needs.

“There is not one solution that fits all student needs. Therefore, each program is highly individualized to the students specific individual needs to obtain maximum levels of success.“

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School Hours:
Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm

Services and Support Methods

Positive Behavior Intervention & Support
Occupational Therapy
Sensory Integration
Differentiated Instruction
Structured Teaching Model
Speech Therapy
Community Based Instruction
Evidence Based Academics
Applied Behavior Analysis
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