Services & Support Methods

Our Services

The Children’s Center is a full service non-profit corporation (501-c3) offering comprehensive educational, therapeutic and habilitative programs for children ages 3-22.

The Center’s unique comprehensive wrap-around approach offers families of children with autism and related disorders a variety of services year round. These services are individualized to meet the changing needs of children and families across the valley.

Occupational Therapy

Focus is on fine motor skills, activities of daily living, and functional use of adaptive equipment and strategies.

Speech & Language Therapy

Focus on receptive, expressive, and social communication, articulation and assistive technology.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavior Therapy is available to provide individualized support in behavior management and skill acquisition to meet each student's needs and promote learning in an education setting. Behavior support is provided as needed throughout the school day by a Behavior Certified Behavior Analyst and Registered Behavior Technician.

Pet Therapy

Therapeutic Enrichment Activities

"Beyond the classroom, healing finds its rhythm; in the whisper of sensory experiences and the gentle touch of therapeutic companions."
Apart from academics, the center offers therapeutic enrichment activities headed by qualified therapists and teachers. Activities span from social skills learning to sensory development outside the classroom, and they also provide animal-assisted therapy sessions monthly.

Support Methods

Positive Behavior Intervention & Support

The Children’s Center staff utilizes PBIS techniques to help maintain positive behavior, learn new skills, and improve on existing skills within the classroom and community.

Evidence Based Curriculum

The Children’s Center utilizes evidence based curriculum including Unique (a research based curriculum designed for children with special needs to access the general education curriculum), spectrum, and a number of research based computer activities including Reading A-Z, Raz Kids, and Starfall.

Applied Behavior Analysis

The Children’s Center uses ABA, a scientific approach to modify behaviors based on learning principles. It is used continuously to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior. Data is collected to exhibit in picture form the progress a student is making over time.
“There is not one solution that fits all student needs. Therefore, each program is highly individualized to the students specific individual needs to obtain maximum levels of success.”
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