“It’s a wonderful campus, and it’s a safe campus “

Watch Executive Director, Kent Rideout, as he talks about The Children’s Center’s unique approach to student success on Sonoran Living.
The students at The Children’s Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies enjoyed socializing with some of the Chicago White Sox players during their visit to the campus.
El enfoque único de servicio integral del Centro ofrece a las familias de niños con autismo y discapacidades relacionadas una variedad de programas durante todo el año. Estos servicios se individualizan para satisfacer las necesidades cambiantes de los niños y las familias a través del valle.
The Center’s unique full service approach offers families of children with autism and related disabilities a variety of programs year round. These services are individualized to meet the changing needs of children and families across the valley.

More Testimonials

“I like that I have the support from the school to streamline a communication system for home, school, and the community.“
“I think this year is going great, and it seems like this is the best class that my son has ever been a part of. Thank you all for your diligence and commitment to helping our son (and the other kids) to get a good education and some important life skills.“
“I never have to worry about my son attending school. At his last school they would call the police 4 or 5 times a week. I know he is doing well because I never have to come get him.“ “I’m happy with the progress my son has made. You guys have done a great job!“
“I am so excited that my daughter’s behaviors have decreased.“
“It is so much easier to get my son up and ready for school as he is finally excited to come to school now!“
“I like the trips within the community. I also appreciate the positivity. Even when my child has a bad day, there is something positive noted on the daily communication. He is happier about going to school, which makes him more willing to learn.“
“Thank you for the daily reports I really enjoy reading them.“
“I’ve noticed they’ve been enjoying water lately before it was hard to get them to drink water!!“
“Thank you for taking such great care of them.“
“Love the pictures though. They look so happy.“
“Thank you for your hard work and for playing such important part in my little one’s life.“
“I love the ratio there and we love his teacher. He loves going to school.“
“He is functioning visually in his classroom with the MANY developmentally and educationally appropriate materials provided. The room is small, well organized, clearly defined centers, very colorful and attractive learning environment.“
“I like that I have the support from the school to streamline a communication system for home, school, and the community.“
“My son has attended CCNS since he was in kindergarten and just turned 20. The support that the Center has provided our family throughout his education has been wonderful. We have enjoyed watching the program here expand and grow for the good of the children.“
“Good communication with the parents is very important and the online go-home logs makes it very easy to see how the day went. “
“CCNS has helped both of my children so much. They both love to go to school now and have grown so much academically and behaviorally.“
“The Unique Teaching Method that is used has allowed both of my boys to show what they know. I am extremely happy with the work that all the staff have done for my children at CCNS. They truly believe that all children are capable of success!“
“I really love getting the daily communication electronically. It has really helped knowing what is happening daily and knowing when things on campus are happening.“
“My daughter came home in a great mood today and we are very happy she is in a great mood. We are very glad and can tell she is loving the school and enjoying her time at school she is been in the best mood coming home.“
“We’ve noticed our daughter has much better mood since she switched schools to the center, it’s a great feeling knowing that she’s happy where she’s at.“
“Just wanted to thank you and your staff again for the daily updates, we always know we can count on you and your staff to communicate to us about how she is doing.“
“We really appreciate the hard work of everyone at the school, and know how much everyone there cares about our child.“
“Thank you for all that you all do for our sweet girl! It means more to us than you could ever possibly know.“
“Our child is always happy on the ride to school, and is always smiling when he sees his staff each day.“
“My son has improved in his academics. He seems to be doing better in reading (ex. Identifying words within closed captions on the television) He seems more confident and enjoys his class staff and teacher. In addition, he has improved his kitchen skills and is requesting that he needs help more often.“
“I’m grateful for all that you and your classroom staff do for my son, you take care of our son with great care.“
“My son has been progressing academically at school.” “His handwriting has improved and his interest in school is at a high.“
“My son has improved academically; I have noticed improvements in the area of writing and his vocabulary is more extensive.“
“It is terrific to see the number of happy employees you have each day I arrive to drop off my Son!!“
“I printed the IEP your team wrote for our student. It will be used for training purposes for our staff. This IEP is precisely how each IEP should be written. Well done!“
“My two children are getting the best education in the safest setting possible!“
“I appreciate the organization, communication and support from the administrators on campus!“
“It is so much easier to get my son up and ready for school as he is finally excited to come to school now!“
“I’m happy with the progress my son has made. You guys have done a great job!“

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“There is not one solution that fits all student needs. Therefore, each program is highly individualized to the students specific individual needs to obtain maximum levels of success.“

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