Back to School Communication

Hello parents and Guardians,

We are gearing up for the 2023-2024 school year and cannot wait to have students back on campus! The first day of school is Monday, July 31, 2023. Following are a few reminders to help you prepare for the new school year:

Enrollment Packets

The Children’s Center (CCNS) sent out packets with a self-addressed stamped envelope in mid-July. Please return the packet asap. If you did not receive an enrollment packet or if you need a new one, please email Yolanda at . Feel free to contact us at 623-915-0345, if you have any questions regarding this matter. Note: Students will not be picked up if we do not have an enrollment packet returned or if we have not heard from parents directly regarding the packet, so it is very important that they be returned.


You will need to contact the Glendale Elementary School District to register your student to receive school lunches. The website for the parents to apply online is . Breakfast will still be made available at no cost.

The first day of school is July 31, 2023. The Glendale Elementary School District will not yet be in session and therefore will not be providing breakfast or lunch during that week. Please send in a breakfast/snack and lunch with a drink for the first week of school.

If you choose not to participate in the GESD lunch program, you will need to pack a lunch with a drink for your student.


As previously stated, the enrollment packet must be returned before your student will be transported by CCNS. If you have any questions about the CCNS van picking up your student, please contact Nick Dalaly at 602-684-5430 or email him at

If your child is transported by CCNS and they are going to be absent, please call or text Nick Dalaly with transportation ASAP on that day (or let us know in advance). If your student is transported by a district, the district should contact you a few days before school starts to give you a time or you can reach out directly to the transportation department at your child’s school district.


All basic school items are provided by CCNS. These items include but are not limited to crayons, markers, paper, glue, etc. If your child wears diapers/pull-ups, those items along with wipes need to be provided by the family. They can be dropped off in the office or sent in a bag or backpack on the first day of school.


If your student needs medication to be taken during the school day, please indicate this on the enrollment packet. Medications taken at school must be brought in by the parent in a prescription bole with the student’s name and dosage marked clearly. The pharmacy can provide a separately labeled bole to be sent to school. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide refills. Unused medication at the end of the year must be picked up by the parent, or it will be disposed of.

We look forward to an exciting new school year!

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